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"Danger Studios helped us repurpose all our training videos for our Spanish speaking market. Saving us thousands of dollars. I would highly recommend them."

Marsha B.

Marketing Consultant

Danger Studios
401 North Third Street Suite 270
Minneapolis, MN 55401


Our rates are very competitive. We charge by the hour or by the project. Please contact us today for current prices.

Digital Audio Studio     
Video Studio                  
Music Drop License for radio  
Music Drop License for TV  
Multi-Music Drop License for Non-Broadcast (1-6 minutes)  
(All music licenses are for one contiguous project only)

Digital file conversion    
Beta-SP Dub (1-5 minutes)    
Beta—SP Dub (6-10 minutes)   
Emailing media files (under 10/megs)   
FTP access for large file transfer  



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